Art of Sydney Exhibition commences in

The Art of Sydney Online

The annual Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition is a premier event showcasing the work of artists from the fourteen member societies which together are the Combined Art Societies of Sydney (CASS).

For 2021 CASS has taken the 31st Art of Sydney online! This will be an exciting exhibition quite different from the one we are all familiar with – though some things will stay the same. The exhibition will be a juried event for CASS members, and we are extremely pleased and honoured to have renowned artist Mr John Haycraft as our judge.

The exhibition displays original artists’ works in six categories:

1. Traditional themes in Oil or Acrylic (painted as Oil).
2. Traditional themes painted in Water Medium using Watercolour techniques.

3. Drawing and Mixed Media
4. Abstract
5. 9” by 5” in tribute to the 1889 Impression exhibition
6. Miniature paintings, traditional themes painted in the spirit of miniaturization

With the Art of Sydney Online artists can take advantage of the format flexibility letting their creativity expand and flourish while maintaining the highest quality that our patrons have come to expect from the Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition.

The exhibition will be open from January 15th 2021 to 28th February 2021 the extended opening allowing more time to browse and to buy original works of art.  CASS look forward to your virtual visit.

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