Yearning for Youth


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David El-Melky


Image Size 101.6cm x 76.2cm Hyperrealism. Oil on Stretched Ultra smooth Special Canvas. Custom made double frame. When we are young we don’t think of “Time” or “Age”… we think we have all the time in the world, but then suddenly we see ourselves getting old and we feel that time was stolen from us and we ask ourselves, where did it all go? When did all that happen? Not knowing that our lives are like vapours; Appearing and disappearing so quickly. Although we would like to regain our youth, it remains but a wish. This project was on my mind since early age, I decided to go ahead but had troubles finding the right face for it. Then looking at my friend Arthur, somehow my eyes were opened I knew he is the person for it, I then had to wait a few months for him to grow his beard so I could achieve my desired look. It took about 4 sittings and over 400 photos to achieve the look and lighting I had envisioned. At the end of it all, after spending over 550 hours of detailing work, it was pleasure painting this Hyperrealism painting.

Dimensions (Framed)

95cm by 120cm

Weight (Framed)


Art Group

Bankstown Art Society Inc & Castle Hill Art Society